Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

Book2look now with QR codes - Connecting print and mobile computing

Maybe some of you have already wondered what those strange pixeled black and white tags are that you find on the comment page of every book on book2look.com. Some of you may have recognised them as QR codes (QR stands for "Quick Reference, by the way). Since a couple of weeks now, we provide those codes as a part of our mobile computing strategy.
You can take out your SmartPhone and get one of the many free QR readers from your "local" App Store. Now all you have to do is to point the SmartPhone camera at the QR code and voilá the browser of your mobile devices takes you to the Biblet of that particular book. Right onw you will only see the Alph-Version with little funcionality, by the end of June 2010 you will see the HTML-Version of a book2look Biblet in all it's glory.
Now the codes can be taken from your book2look account and used in any printed matter like a catalogue, a flyer, a review in a newspaper or magazine .... Without entering as much as www the reader is taken to the Biblet to check out a book, and audiobook, a DVD or whatever the Biblet is offering.

Want to try it right away? Here is the link to the page of one of our English books "Rusty Knight an the Ghost".

Reading is not your thing? Here is a picture you can click ;)

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