Montag, 19. Juli 2010

Welcome Cape Town Book Fair Exhibitors

The cooperation has been active since May now and it is quite a remarkable success. All exhibitors of the Cape Toen Bookfair have received a publisher's account at and are free to convert as many books as they like to our viral "Biblets". Just recently even the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage (Qalam) has uploaded four books. As have many other publishers from all over the world.
I find it very encouraging that the publishers from many African countries that have little to no chance to get their books out into the so called "first" world have now obviously found a tool to spread the news about their books in a viral or "web 2.0" kind of way. Books from Zimbabwe, otherwise certainly very hard to know anything about, are now floating around the net. And with shop links to the western online booksellers that actually carry African books, the chances to sell books from Africa in the western world, are definitely increasing.
And we see a growing number of recommendations and posts about these books in social networks like Facebook. Way to go!
Here is a selection, by no means complete, of books I find personally interesting:

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